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Climate Change

For today's assignment, I'll be talking about global warming and some of the effects of it. The source of my work comes directly from NASA's site, linked here. I'll go ahead and dismiss any beliefs that global warming isn't real; it is real, though whether or not humankind's CO2 emissions are a huge factor are still technically up for debate, though it does seem that they constitute a good chunk. When you look at what global warming has already led to, you'll see that we are already starting a snowball effect that won't end well down the line. In just the past few months, we've seen examples in Hurricane Harvey and Irma, along with many "Super Typhoons" attacking Japan and East Asia. Along with this, the melting of ice caps brings a general raise in water levels, which won't be an issue for quite a long time by themselves, but are still an unfortunate effect of global warming. Of course, I trust NASA as a source on global warming, sinc…

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