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Angels in the Outfield Analysis

Today, I’m here to analyze this scene, from the 1994 film Angels in the Outfield. In the scene, one of the Angels’ batters hits an outstanding home run, with a little bit of help from an actual angel. This kickstarts the success of the team after a season-long losing streak. While the movie’s got a great story, I’m here to analyze some of the physics in the film, specifically from this scene. Of course, I’ll ignore the fact that they’ve got angels there to help him, since the end of the movie shows that they were able to win without the help of the angels, and presumably that the angels only existed in the mind of the main character. I’ll also try to collect as much factual evidence that can be correctly assumed from the film, since the film itself doesn’t give us many hard numbers.
This scene deals with two relatively common concepts in physics: Projectile Motion and Impulse. For the Projectile Motion problem, we’re going to find out the velocity of the baseball after it was hit by th…

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